Are you ready to detoxify your body and fill your heart with Soul?

Sacred Yoga Detox Flow


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Yoga allows us to clear the Samaskaras (imprints of the mind).

It creates the right conditions in our bodies to Unite our Minds and our Hearts through Sacred Action into the world.

It is a practice through which we awaken to the Inner space of Sacredness within— Soul— and the flow of Grace or Consciousness through us.


What is included in this Detox class:

  • Yoga Detox Flow Video Class (1hr 20min)
  • The Ritual of Detox ~ worksheet

** Upon registration you will receive an email from me with your Login Details to our Sacred Online Space where your Detox Flow awaits. 

Naty Howard is the founder of Sacred Yoga Spirit Medicine and author of Your Mighty Inner Healer.  

She is a Certified Yoga Teacher, Certified Shamanic Practitioner and Certified QRA™ Practitioner(Quantum Reflex Analysis™), holds a BAA in Photographic Arts and teaches Living and Liquid Nutrition Workshops, guides New & Full Moon Sacred Yoga Circles & the Mighty Detox online program amongst other offerings.  

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