Mighty Detox

Are you ready to power up your health, recalibrate your heart as you reclaim your power?

To be your best WELLNESS WARRIOR? 

To detox, let go, refresh, release the old, and create space for the new?

Then this DETOX is for you.  

MIGHTY DETOX is a deeply self-nourishing guided detox that will increase your feeling of well-being, ignite your health, your sense of alignment with your intuition, your truth and your soul.

Mighty Detox is not your regular detox. No powders, no magic pills, but rather a magical process.

Mighty Detox is a transformative program to both DETOXIFY and NOURISH your body with fresh raw juices and smoothies, in combination with powerful mindfulness practices and self-inquiry exercises to deepen and anchor the healing process.  

2 + 2= 10

The synergy of alchemy is a beautiful thing. It allows you to combine tools and practices for deep healing and transformation to reclaim your wellness warrior, your radiant health, peaceful mind and joyful heart as you walk your roadmap to wellness.

For when we choose to Detox, we never just detox our physical bodies. We Detox it all.  

Your pathway to wellness includes using the following 3 pillars to ignite your health:

Liquid Nutrition + the ritual of detox have the power to infuse your body with great nutrient dense foods to ignite your healing, detoxify + remineralize the body safely, increase your vitality and create a new foundation for radiant health.

Mindfulness practices allow you to bear witness to your process, anchor into stillness as you move beyond what has kept you 'stuck', as you Face Everything And Rise.

The alchemy of Inner Questing or self-inquiry is the process of making peace with yourself, with your body, with your own humanity. It is a practice of self-compassion as we learn to navegate the waters of the heart. 


This 3 or 7 Day Mighty Detox Includes...

A Digital Guide + Recipes

Digital manual with your menu and recipes for the detox + detox charts + shopping list. The menu consists of Juices, Smoothie, Elixirs, Water, Broths & Herbal Teas.

Your Sacred Online Space

A one-stop spot to access all of your resouces with ease, plus you'll get daily emails for added support. You can also connect inside our Private FB Group. 

Video + Audio Resources

Daily emails, video teachings, words of inspiration, guided mindfulness & self-inquiry practices that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

BONUS Healing Menu

You will also receive a 4-day healing menu + recipes that will help you transition into the detox, while priming your body for the goodness to come!

This Might Detox is an opportunity to...

  • Detoxify the physical body with liquid nutrition (via juices + smoothies + teas + broths + elixirs)
  • Flood your body with nutrients so it can do the inner work to create clear skin, healthy hair, less bloating and restored digestion 
  • Gain support for your emotional + mental clarity 
  • Teach you the values of self-care, and the how-to steps to make it a part of your daily rituals
  • Reconnect to your inner strength & your radiance
  • Reclaim your health and therefore your wholeness  
  • Access our private online community to receive inspiration, support and accountability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the juices or smoothies included? They are not included in the price of the program, but I provide you the recipes + resources to find them or make them yourself.  
  • What’s on the Detox Menu? The detox includes; JUICE, SMOOTHIES, ELIXIRS, WATER, HERBAL TEA + BROTH.  
  • I am simply too busy to Juice myself. Where can I buy my juices? Our friends at TOTAL CLEANSE will be able to assist you. They ship all over Canada and I will provide you with a code to save 18% off of your order! I will also make recommendations on how to choose the best cleanse for you.  
  • Are there any symptoms of detoxing? It is not abnormal to feel nauseous, light headed or under the weather during a detox, as your body releases toxins that were circulating inside. I provide you with more guidance about this process within the program. You can always reach out for assistance, I am here to help!  
  • How much time do I need to commit on a daily basis for the self-inquiry exercises? Approximately 30min., but some days may be more or less, depending on what you're ‘working on’.  
  • I have purchased the Yoga Detox Flow Video Class along with my Detox. How often should I do the class? Minimum once during the 7 day detox. If you are able to carve sacred space and time for yourself the week of the detox and do it 3 times that would be fabulous!  

Love From Past Participants

"Naty Howard came into my life at the right moment. Her program, Mighty Detox, helped me to take the time to listen to my inner voice, refocus on what matters, and reconnect with my purpose. I love how integrated it is between the mind and the body and the spirit – just like how we are integrated as humans. Naty is a wise and gentle, and I’m so pleased our paths have crossed. Looking forward to going on another journey with her soon."  

- Alice Irene Withaker

"Working with Naty has helped me practice slowing down and feeling within. I feel lighter and a much greater knowing about what foods will truly nourish me. I intend to continue using what I have learned for grounded awareness. Naty's support and careful guidance has brought me to my sacred self, my sacred heart." 

- Annie Lumley

"I was curious, I had no idea what this was all about or what to expect! The entire program turned out to be an enlightening journey filled with excellent direction, education and support from Naty and the group.  

The week went by quickly an towards the end I felt a wonderful feeling of 'clarity' that I never knew could exist. Difficult to describe but a really phenomenal, peaceful feeling that I've never felt before. I am really looking forward to doing it again!  

— Karen Pfister

"Thank you Natalie! You are a beautiful soul who is passionate about helping others gain an understanding about the importance of what we put into our bodies.  

You speak beautifully and in depth about the art of juicing and how it benefits and heals us from the inside out. You are a wealth of information and I love that you are so accepting of everyone, no matter where we are on our journey towards better health. I am so grateful to have you in my life!"  

— Julie Tibbles

The Mighty Detox was an absolute wonderful experience for me. The biggest transformation period was after Day 3 where the cravings for food were no longer there. Instead, I experienced a feeling of lightness, I was full of energy and my mind was settled. The guidance Naty provided was a beautiful way to help quiet my busy mind and allow me to dig deeper inwards. She provided me with amazing recipes, tools, and guidance to continue to use daily. Big, big thank you Naty!"

— Sarah Coughlin

About Naty

Naty Howard is the founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine and author of Your Mighty Inner Healer.  

She is a Yoga Teacher, Shamanic and Quantum Reflex Analysis Practitioner, teaches Living and Liquid Nutrition Workshops, guides New & Full Moon Sacred Yoga Circles & the Mighty Detox online program.  

Visit www.natyhoward.com to find out more about Naty's offerings.