Spirit Speaks Retreat

awaken your sacred medicine, transform your shadow and reclaim your Self.

with Naty Howard~ Founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine.


Fri. 7-10pm

Sat.- 11am-6pm

Sun- 12pm-7pm

Location: Yoga Yurt, 16680 York Durham Line, Whitchurch-Stouffville, On  

Do you have a practice that invites you to heal deeply? To transform and reclaim yourself as you step into the fullness of your light?

Spirit Speaks is an elemental journey into awakening, or rather remembering your sacred medicine, through Yoga Spirit Medicine, a fusion practice of yoga and shamanism that allows you to create stillness within as you transform aspects of your shadow, and align deeply with the wisdom and power of the 5 elements to heal your fragmented psyche and body.  

Spirit Speaks is an invitation to awaken into sacredness. To connect with the deepest aspect of yourself where your own soul wisdom resides. It is also an opportunity for you to create your own pachakuti mesa shamanic altar that has been patterned following the shamanic spiral of awakening.  

How do you begin to transform the depth of the wound that has shapped you? 

The spiral of awakening is the journey that has cracked our hearts open. It is also the path we walk as we begin to heal the fragmented aspects of ourselves, coming into deep alignment with our Truth, our power and the 5 elements that are our foundation.

We all begin our paths with a strong attachment to our body (Earth/Body), most of us come into the healing path, because we want to heal an aspect of our physical bodies, until we realize that healing our bodies will also demand that we take a look at our emotions (Water/Heart), at the ways we are or we are not in relationship with the God of our own undertanding (Air/Spirit).  

Are you living inspired (in-spirited) by your life or has life become a redundant endless list of chores, is the fire of your mind perhaps burning too brightly or is it dull? 

Has your BS (belief systems :-) anchored into the Ego (the aspect of ourselves I like to call the space of Evolution Going On) or do you understand that your mind is the vehicle for your illumination (Fire/Mind)?  

Have you created space within you to bask in stillness? To hear the voice of your soul? To anchor deeply into the space of your most deepest and intimate belonging? The space of Soul, Ether, Sacred Space?  

My own practice and studies in both yoga and shamanism have deeply transformed my healing and my own process of reclaiming my Self. What has informed yours?

We all have been born whole, with a unique purpose and gift of Sacred Medicine, yet through our life experience we loose our feeling of wholenes and forget or have lost touch with our own magic and purpose. 

I know I did, and my journey back to health has been my compass to reclaim my self as I re-member my own Sacred Medicine or purpose.

The upcoming Spirit Speaks is the perfect opportunity for you to heal, transform and reclaim the fragmented pieces of your Self, anchor into your inner space of Sacredness and wholeness, and awaken your own Sacred Medicine.

You will be guided through yoga practices, breathwork, meditation, shamanic journeys and shamanic practices to come into alignment with your heart song and the sacred medicine within you. 

During this weekend retreat you will learn about the:

  • Art of creating Sacred Space + the healing power of ritual and ceremony 
  • Sacred medicine of the 5 Elements as portal for deep healing— Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, 5 directions— South, West, North, East, Centre, 5 power animals— Anaconda, Whale/Dolphin, Eagle, Puma/Jaguar, Hummingbird/Alpaca. ** based on the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Peru.
  • Use of yoga + breath work + shamanic journeying + mindfulness and self-inquiry practices to further come into alignment with the elements, transform your shadow, and deepen your healing as you align with your truth, and your power.
  • Magic of answering the call of Soul as you awaken your own Sacred Medicine and anchor into Sacredness
  • Plus, you get to create your own take-home shamanic healing sacred pachakuti mesa altar. You are required to bring certain items to build your own sacred shamanic altar.  

Do you yearn to connect with the language through which Spirit constantly Speaks?

> Awaken your sacred medicine, transform your shadow and reclaim your Self <

Early Bird until
March 18th.
 $397 CAD
Investment after
March 18th
 $447 CAD
or 4 Monthly
$118 CAD each

If you have been to my Sacred Yoga Moon Circles, the sacred altar that holds the space in the middle of the Yurt is the take-home shamanic healing sacred altar (mesa) the you will be building and activating with me through this weekend Mentorship. 

This sacred altar is a portal into deep healing and the cosmo vision of your relationship with the elements and with your self that you can use for your own personal practice and healing at home, or learn to use in your teachings or work that you offer into the world.  

You will leave this retreat with a renewed sense of belonging. You will transform the blocks that have kept you bound and find greater ease in all realms of your body (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and soul) as you are empowered to share your Sacred Medicine with the world.  

Spirit Speaks is taught inside of The Yoga Yurt. This striking space is a magical 100% authentic Mongolian Yoga Yurt. It sets the tone and elevates the energy for our entire weekend.  

What's Included?

67-page digital course manual, guiding you through the principles and elements of Shamanism

Weekend retreat + Create your own take-home Sacred Altar (Mesa)

Sacred Online Space + Private FB group + Online Bonus Guided Practices  

Awaken your heart to your Sacred Medicine, your gift to the world.

>> Reclaim your magic <<

Who is this for?

If you are ready to...  

  • Deepen your path of Healing.
  • Transform your shadow.
  • Heal and become aligned with all parts of your self; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.  
  • Embrace you True Nature.
  • Awaken into Sacredness. 
  • It is also a valuable experience for Reiki Practitioners, Yoga Teachers, Healers, Light-workers and Shamanic practitioners.  

After you register, you will:

  • Receive our Welcome Email with immediate access to our Sacred Online Space. Expect a link and password sent straight to your inbox.
  • In our Sacred Online Space you will find your 67 page Program Manual + BONUSES + supportive practices for our time together. 
  • Please gather and bring the materials & items requested on pg 13 of the Program Manual to our first class together.

  Love from past participants...

"Spirit Speaks was the exact answer I needed to help ground me and bring me back to my raw roots. 

Throughout the course, Naty guided me to activate everyday items that I can use to connect with Spirit— through my own Mesa Altar— and how everyone has the ability to travel deep within themselves for answers. 

Naty's wonderful support and teachings have helped me carve out sacred space and greater clarity in my life, and will further drive me to rediscover my true sacred heart.

I am so blessed that our paths crossed when they did".

- Rebecca Raines

"Spirit Speaks was an absolutely magical and transformative apprenticeship. Naty's energy is beautiful and she creates a very positive and safe learning environment. 

I didn't really know what to expect entering this 5 week apprenticeship, however I came out with a lot more than I thought I would. 

I was looking for the next step in my path and this popped up on Instagram, so I just went for it! 

It doesn't matter if you don't have a particular intention going into this workshop because under Naty's guidance, I can guarantee you will come out of the workshop in a better place or with new information and tools to continue moving forward in your journey while connecting to the natural energies around us. 

Thank you Naty for a beautiful and memorable experience!"

- Bianca Azgin

"I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. I happened to stumbled upon Naty and her amazing Shamanic apprenticeship program one night. 

I feel like the universe was giving me the most perfect gift at the exact time I needed it the most. We all have many obstacles in life that can push us further and further away from our true selves. 

This apprenticeship provided me with the tools I needed to heal and guide me back to me."  

 - Shannon Cloer 

Spirit Speaks Weekend Retreat

awaken your sacred medicine

with Naty Howard~ Founder of Yoga Spirit Medicine.

Saturday February 1st >> 11am - 6.30pm

Sunday February 2nd >> 11am - 6.30pm

Location: Yoga Yurt, 16680 York Durham Line, Whitchurch-Stouffville, On  

About Naty

Naty Howard is the founder of Sacred Yoga Spirit Medicine and author of Your Mighty Inner Healer.  

She is a Sacred Healer & Wellness Warrior. She is a Yoga Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, and teaches Living and Liquid Nutrition Workshops, guides New & Full Moon Sacred Yoga Circles & the Mighty Detox online program.  

Visit www.natyhoward.com to find out more about Naty's offerings.